Resident Visitation Lay Community


Meet the Resident Visitation Lay Community Founders


Update: Fall 2017

As with all journeys through life, the Resident Visitation Lay Community has transformed into a new kind, unexpected kind of community. If you were interested in the Resident Visitation Lay Community, we invite you to consider participating instead in the Visitation Young Adults or Visitation Companions groups.


Fall 2014

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Supporters of Visitation in Minneapolis,

As we look back on twenty five amazingly graced years in North Minneapolis, our hearts are filled with gratitude for the countless ways each of you has helped us to “grow” the Visitation Monastery of Minneapolis! The diversity of gifts and the generosity of hearts have combined to root our community here as a place of prayer, presence and hospitality.

As we look to the future and listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit we believe that the time is right to move to the next phase of our presence here.

In response to a readiness we perceive in our hearts, the Sisters of the Visitation of Minneapolis are seeking to found a Visitation community of the laity alongside the Visitation vowed community.

Please read the proposal, and if it resonates with the promptings of the Holy Spirit in your heart, please contact us to explore further the implications and possibilities of this initiative.

Sr. Mary Margaret McKenzie will be facilitating ongoing conversations and explorations. She can be reached at  or 612-521-6113.

As always, please keep this endeavor close in prayer as we listen together to the unfolding of the Holy Spirit’s “dream.”


Sister Mary Frances Reis, VHM

An Invitation to Found a Community of Committed Lay Persons in North Minneapolis


In July and August four listening sessions were held asking friends and neighbors of the monastery to provide feedback on the first draft of the proposal to found a lay community in North Minneapolis. This feedback led to the thoughts that are provided below that may help you as you read the proposal.

The invitation in a simple sentence is, “Come as you are to live communally in north Minneapolis.”

The invitation in an extended sentence:  “At the core of the proposal is the desire to invite persons to embrace their existing call to holiness and to immerse themselves in the joy of the Gospel highlighted by the visit of Mary to Elizabeth to see how that call could be lived out in a lay community in north Minneapolis.”    READ MORE >>