Dear friends,

Please call ahead before visiting! The Sisters are taking special steps to continue their ministry while staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You are in our prayers.

In Memory of Sr. Mary Margaret

Please join us in thanking God for the life of our beloved Sister Mary Margaret McKenzie, who died Sept. 22 at the age of 92. She had been a Visitation Sister for over 65 years! Sister died on the very day she was to begin hospice, and her passing into Eternity was gentle and peaceful. She was a visionary leader, a devoted friend to many, a poet and a woman of deep prayer. Wit and creativity were the air she breathed! We will miss her so much but know that her presence will continue to guide and inspire us in the days ahead.

This photo was taken at her 90th birthday party. There must have been a great celebration as she was received into the embrace of God with Sts. Jane de Chantal, Francis de Sales and Margaret Mary Alacoque welcoming her!

Sister Mary Margaret's 90th birthday

Sr. Mary Frances was reading Matthew 11:25 ff when Sr. Mary Margaret died. She heard Jesus say, “Come to Me,” and the time was right…. Sr. Mary Frances and Sr. Mary Margaret’s PCA Martha were with her when she quietly breathed her last on earth and her first in Heaven! Just before that, a tiny tear trickled down her cheek. She loved life so much, but she was yearning to move toward the fullness of the Incarnation!

We appreciate your love, sympathy and prayers for Sr. Mary Margaret and for all of us.

Live + Jesus

Obituary in the Star Tribune

Neighbors taking home Easter baskets from St. Thomas Becket Church, May 2020

Caitlin Parsley making her commitment to VIP, February 2020

Carolers from St. Jane House bring holiday cheer to friends, December 2019

Sister Mary Paula prepares some tasty autumn morsels!, November 2019

Vis Companion Linda Goynes guides a child in serving at Mass, November 2019

Visitation School students help welcome kids for our Warm Clothing Giveaway, October 2019

Halloween Visitors, October 2019

Kiara Jones leads kids in dance contest at National Night Out, August 2019

Archbishop Hebda celebrates the Feast of St. Jane de Chantal, August 2019

The Visitation community makes a pilgrimage to Annecy, France, July 2019

Kids from North Side enjoy Catholic Youth Camp, June 2019

Neighbors celebrate Sister Mary Virginia's homecoming, June 2019

Neighbors help Sister Katherine with the garden, June 2019

The Visitation Cross

Welcome from the Visitation Sisters of Minneapolis!

We are present in inner city North Minneapolis to “Live Jesus” by being part of this multicultural community—to share prayer, hope and God’s blessings with the people in our neighborhood and to receive their blessedness. These, our friends, are drawn into a circle of faith that brings us all to a clearer vision of the face of God.

The Visitation Monastery of Minneapolis was founded in 1989. We conceived the Monastery in prayer and discernment as a desire to express Visitation contemplative life in a new way—a commitment to be one with those who live on the edge economically, and who are often marginalized by society.

Our urban monastery is a unique expression of monasticism and is part of the worldwide Order of the Visitation Sisters of Holy Mary, founded by St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal in Annecy, France, in the year 1610.

May you find life, the steady, persistent pulse of the Holy Spirit, within you as you learn about us. It is that “heartbeat of the Spirit” that will help you live the motto of all Visitation Sisters: Live Jesus!


Engage with us! The Sisters support an extended community of five groups. The groups serve different purposes, such as studying Salesian Spirituality (Vis Companions), advocating for social justice (Vis Young Adults, Volunteer Internship Program), and exploring religious vocations (Monastic Immersion, Vowed Religious Vocations). If you are interested in becoming more involved with the Sisters, click on the groups below to learn more.

“We are companions given to one another as helpers in doing God’s work.”–St. Jane de Chantal