From Guest Blogger Claire Kranz, Vis Alumna, Student at St. Louis University

Fr. Joe Krupp, OSFS

Fr. Joe Krupp, OSFS

God doesn’t call us to feed everyone, just to give Him everything we have.
~Fr. Joe Krupp, OSFS

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the National Salesian Conference here in St. Louis.  Among the speakers, was an oblate, Fr. Joe Krupp, who presented this interpretation of the gospel of the loaves and fishes.  Often times when we hear the story of Christ multiplying the loaves and the fishes, we focus on His miracle.  Yes, this miracle is incredible and we must never forget that through Christ, all things are possible.  But, where do we fall in the place of miracles?  Remember back in the beginning of the story, before Christ was even able to multiply the loaves and perform a miracle, there was a little boy.  This little boy brought his five loaves and two fish to Christ.  Some people might laugh at the little boy for even thinking that he could do anything for a hungry crowd of 2000 people, but this boy reminds us of what we really need to focus on.  God doesn’t ask us to feed the world, to bake 2000 loaves and catch 2000 fish.  That’s His job.  All God asks of us is to give Him everything we have.  Surrender all our gifts, talents, and joys to Christ.  The most brilliant part of this surrender is not the selflessness, but the miracle that God can create from our pure and simple humanity.  If we give God all we have, He will make us into all the world wants and needs.

Claire Kranz, Vis Alumna, St. Louis University Student

Claire Kranz, Vis Alumna; St. Louis University Student

“If we give God all we have, He will make us into all the world wants and needs.”

This week, go, and give to God all that you can.  Remember that sometimes studying, going to class, having a good dinner, and keeping yourself healthy is all God needs you to give Him right now so that He can prepare you for the next stages of life.  Give God what you can.  Leave the rest up to Him.


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