SisterStory: S. Katherine Mullin reflects on Discernment

Sister Katherine Mullin VHM has been featured on SisterStory, an ongoing story of National Catholic Sisters Week, aimed at broadening awareness of Catholic sisters across the nation.

This SisterStory snapshot features S. Katherine reflecting on her call to come to north Minneapolis, after entering at Visitation Mendota. This is the second in a series of these videos recorded by Gina Giambruno at St. Catherine University.

On Discernment and Ministry


You can also view all of the videos of Sr. Katherine here:


by Sr. Mary Frances Reis, VHM

A life in abundance! Women's Spring Retreat at St. Jane House

Life in abundance: Women’s Spring Retreat at St. Jane House

As I was checking out some pics on my digital camera, it occurred to me that we have such a life of abundance here in North Minneapolis…An abundance that spills over into Easter Alleluias!  An abundance that flowers into life giving relationships…an abundance that reaches across town to bring folks together that might not every meet!  Enjoy a few photos of some of our springtime activities.

 I thank Melissa for sharing this collage of pictures with you that includes:

  • Our St. Patrick’s Day celebration with our Nigerian Sisters who work tirelessly at Sharing and Caring Hands. (Did you know that St. Patrick is the patron of Nigeria?!;
  • A 20 year old tradition that originated at St. Thomas Church in  Eagan in which our families meet their families, pray together, share wonderful family Easter baskets filled with household good , and yes some goodies!;
  • Neighborhood helpers putting labels on our newsletter;
  • Our Women’s overnight retreat at the St. Jane House;
  • Children earning camperships to Catholic Youth Camp by participating in the neighborhood clean-up; And….
  • Easter Sunday visitors who received a bag of bunny treats, and a whole box of Girl Scout cookies, thanks for Soledad whose family donated boxes and boxes of these delicious treats.  Can you imagine a child trying to choose his/her favorite cookie?!
  • Finally, the Eucharistic altar where it all begins!!!!!

Our extended community reaches far and wide.  Thanks you for making our life so abundant…

To see snapshots from these Spring Photos, click here.

Snapshots from the Sisters: Title This!

Image and text by Brian Mogren Director of the St. Jane House, Visitation Companion

“One of the things I love about this time of year is finding a REAL fire burning and a hot cup of tea ready when I stop by to visit the Visitation Sisters. Oh, and great conversation, but that’s year round with any sister!”
(Sr. Mary Margaret is pictured below.
) —Brian Mogren.

Care to provide a creative caption?

Care to provide a creative caption?

Snapshots from the Sisters: Title This!

On Tuesday, September 4, 2012  the Sisters commissioned their latest Visitation Intern, Anna Dourgarian, in her year of service to their northside community. Here’s one of many snapshots taken that day. We invite you to provide a caption or comment below.

Care to provide a creative caption? Record one below in the comments section!

Care to provide a creative caption? Record one below in the comments section!