Sr. Mary Virginia Schmidt

S. Mary Virginia
Sr. Mary Virginia Schmidt

My name is Sister Mary Virginia Schmidt. I was born and raised in Mexico, the only daughter in a family of five brothers. I was educated by the Visitation Sisters in St. Louis, Missouri, and then went on to receive my bachelor’s degree at Manhattanville in New York. I continued my studies at St. Louis University and St. Xavier College, earning two masters degrees. After resisting the religious tug for years, I decided to give in to the calling my senior year in college. I entered the Visitation because the sisters I had in high school were the ones I knew and loved best. They had a lovely, gentle and unpressured spirit that drew me once I finally made up my mind to try the religious life.

I try to reach out in the community by teaching Spanish and theology to 4th grade and high school students. And it was recently my distinct pleasure to lead my religious federation committee in writing the booklet “Justice Shall Flourish: Changing the World From Within.”

During my free time, I thoroughly enjoy reading Don Quixote and other novels, listening to public radio and watching movies.

I have a heart for peace and equality. I am certain that God is with and in the world, inside of every person. I feel strongly that God wants us to be happy and to love one another that he wants us to live in union with him. I take daily inspiration from my neighbors who are so brave, so humble and so faith-filled.