by Sister Katherine Mullin on April 23, 2021

When Nhia was only 8 years old, we saw her as a little (family) leader, protecting and shepherding the smaller children. As time went on, her family moved to St. Paul, and we sisters lost track of her. Then, one day out of the blue, she came to our house. She was now about twenty-something and homeless. She did not seem like herself; she had lost her self- confidence and was unsure of almost everything. Living in her car, she was sad and seemed confused. We “loved her up,” but that was the last time we saw her for many more years.

Nhia 4th Grade Photo

Nhia’s 4th Grade Photo

Ironically, this Lenten season, I put Nhia’s 4th grade picture, which I had kept all these years, on my prayer table.

So it felt like a miracle when one day last month, the phone rang, “Sr. Katherine, I got section 8 and am almost ready to move into my new place!” She was jubilant, sounding like her old self. She had found God and has prayed herself “out of misery,” you might say.

This is my side of the story…. Nhia might tell it differently with lots more detail. Keep her in mind and heart as she moves into the next part of her life’s journey.