by Sister Karen Mohan on December 5, 2020

Intersection of Fremont and GirardAs our community enters into our last Advent/Christmas season at Fremont and Girard, we chose as our Advent theme: “Our Graced Crossroads: the Intersection of Suffering and Hope.”

This year’s Cycle B readings for Mass focus on Mark’s Gospel which was written for a suffering community, a world in crisis. Mark shares “just the facts” and moves rapidly to the climax of the empty tomb in this, the shortest Gospel. There is no account of Jesus’ birth — no angels, no shepherds, no wise men; just the “good news of Jesus, Son of God” that burst into a world in sorrow. God made flesh.

The world of Jesus was similar to our world today — suffering, crisis, sorrow. Yet Jesus came to proclaim the Good News and to offer hope that will sustain us in times of trouble. Jesus came then, and Jesus comes today. Am I awake? Am I ready to welcome Christ?
Advent Wreath 
The Sisters invite you to join them in reflecting on these two questions during Advent :

At the intersection of hope and suffering, what does God offer you?

At the intersection of hope and suffering, what do you offer others?

Because the windsock has been for us a symbol of welcome, the Sisters will display their responses to these two questions on a small paper windsock which will be attached to a piece of cloth hung at the entrance to our Chapel. The tapestry column of blue cloth will begin as a “blank canvas.” As the Spirit moves and prompts each sister with answers to the questions, the artistry of God at work will serve as guideposts at our community’s crossroads-Advent.

When Brother Mickey McGrath was commissioned to paint a Visitation for our new community, he included a windsock hanging outside the front door as a sign of the Sisters’ hospitality AND a sign of the Holy Spirit offering the hospitality of God. We hope that this dual symbol will accompany us all as we prepare to celebrate Jesus’ birth — at the graced crossroads of our lives this year.