by Sister Katherine Mullin, VHM

As you may know, this January our Visitation Monastery of Mendota Heights, MN, closed, and the three remaining Sisters took up residence in other places.

After 68 years as a Visitation Sister in the St. Paul Visitation Monastery, Sister Mary Paula McCarthy requested to join our community in Minneapolis. We welcomed her warmly on January 12, 2019, though “warm” has not been reflected in the weather! It has been so bitterly cold and icy that we have often been unable to keep our usual daily schedule of enjoying Liturgy of the Hours and evening meals together. Moreover, the very day Sister Mary Paula arrived, Sister Mary Virginia fell and broke her hip. Despite the irregularity and mayhem, Sister Mary Paula has adjusted very well.

Sister Mary Paula has proven her flexibility, and what stands out is her understanding of St. Francis de Sales’ quote: “Have no care for the morrow; think only of doing well today, and when tomorrow shall have become today then we shall think about it.” Her wholeheartedness brings to mind “Live joyfully, brimful of God” as she begins her life with us at the Northside Visitation.

She brings her many gifts, including her understanding of all things Salesian and of Scripture. Not only does she possess the knowledge, but her life here has also shown total engagement in our prayer and community, our neighbors and in the small duties of the monastic life.

We welcome you, Sister Mary Paula!


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