In the News: Star Tribune Article on the Visitation Monastery Minneapolis


Click to read the full article at the Star Tribune.

On Saturday, October 25, 2014, the Star Tribune ran an  about our religious community’s presence in the heart of the city — spanning 25 years and leaning into the next two and half decades.

“Every neighborhood should have nuns in the hood!”

Journalists Joy Powell and photographer Leila Navidi captured our neighborhood and Sisters in a way that honors and reveals hope, love and reality. We are grateful for their narrative gifts and photographic eye. Their storytelling conveys our circumstances in a way that we are often not able to communicate by virtue of our commitment to anonymity and the “hidden” nature of our charism. We commend them for their journalistic integrity and again, say,
“thank you.”

Check out the article here: Nuns in the Hood: 25 years of doing good

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Video: Nuns in the Hood: 25 years of doing good