by Sr. Mary Frances Reis, VHM

A life in abundance! Women's Spring Retreat at St. Jane House

Life in abundance: Women’s Spring Retreat at St. Jane House

As I was checking out some pics on my digital camera, it occurred to me that we have such a life of abundance here in North Minneapolis…An abundance that spills over into Easter Alleluias!  An abundance that flowers into life giving relationships…an abundance that reaches across town to bring folks together that might not every meet!  Enjoy a few photos of some of our springtime activities.

 I thank Melissa for sharing this collage of pictures with you that includes:

  • Our St. Patrick’s Day celebration with our Nigerian Sisters who work tirelessly at Sharing and Caring Hands. (Did you know that St. Patrick is the patron of Nigeria?!;
  • A 20 year old tradition that originated at St. Thomas Church in  Eagan in which our families meet their families, pray together, share wonderful family Easter baskets filled with household good , and yes some goodies!;
  • Neighborhood helpers putting labels on our newsletter;
  • Our Women’s overnight retreat at the St. Jane House;
  • Children earning camperships to Catholic Youth Camp by participating in the neighborhood clean-up; And….
  • Easter Sunday visitors who received a bag of bunny treats, and a whole box of Girl Scout cookies, thanks for Soledad whose family donated boxes and boxes of these delicious treats.  Can you imagine a child trying to choose his/her favorite cookie?!
  • Finally, the Eucharistic altar where it all begins!!!!!

Our extended community reaches far and wide.  Thanks you for making our life so abundant…

To see snapshots from these Spring Photos, click here.