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Our community brochure (click image to view)

Our community brochure (click image to view)

The belle of the NCAA tournament ball is your average sister

by Jessie Bazan, US Catholic Magazine, March 2018

Urban presence: Sacred ground beyond the Convent

by Pamela Hill Nettleton, US Catholic Magazine, January 2017

Visitation sisters from mother monastery in France showcased in Basilica exhibit

by Jessica Trygstad, The Catholic Spirit

Peace on Plymouth

by Jessica Trygstad, The Catholic Spirit
In the wake of the Jamar Clark shooting, the Visitation Sisters and Lay Community members respond  

Visitation Sisters get their agenda from neighbors while living contemplative life

A presence among the marginalized

National Catholic Reporter 

Simply being open to God

The Catholic Spirit

Nuns in the Hood: 25 years of doing good

Star Tribune article

Celebrating the Light

The Catholic Spirit

He killed her son; she forgave him

Pioneer Press

Forgive, Never Forget, Moms Agree

Star Tribune article

Miracle of Reconciliation: Once at odds over gruesome murder, 2 moms forgive, but never forget

Grand Forks Hearld

Catholic Spirit Article

From Death to Life
A story about reconciliation.  Ministry at St. Jane House with parents of murdered children.

Catholic Spirit Article

Unique Urban Monastery Seeking New Vocations

The Visitation Sisters on KFAI radio

Weekly News Broadcast Story – by Maria Almli
Interviews with Srs. Suzanne, Joanna and Katherine about the vocation campaign for new membership.
(LISTEN: Part 1
. 3:30
Click here to continue:
Part 2. 4:00)

The Visitation Sisters in the Pioneer Press

“For Nuns, 400 Years of Prayer and Service” – by Marciella Miranda
Two Twin Cities monasteries part of Visitation order

The Visitation Sisters in the Star Tribune

“Hoping to Grow in Faith” – by Carolyn Mann
The sisters of Visitation Monastery in Minneapolis are waging a multimedia campaign to draw more women.
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The Visitation Sisters on Fox 9 News

Fox Twin Cities did a story about us! Watch it below:

Other Press

Creo en Dios Blog, by Susan Stabile
Blog entry by Susan Stabile of meeting with the Sisters
February 15, 2010

VISION Web site
Posting on VISION’s Web site with information on the discernment events
February 10, 2010

Blog entry by Cheryl Reed about the Sisters expansion program
January 24, 2010

Catholic Spirit Press article