What do we do?
And why do we do it?


How many ways are there to be fed?

Our Mission
We are present in north Minneapolis to “Live Jesus” by being part of this multi-cultural community — to share prayer, hope, and God’s blessings. Our friends are drawn into a circle of faith that brings us all to a clearer vision of the face of God.

We recognize our need to protect and nurture the contemplative and communal quality of our life in order to witness more clearly to God’s love through our ministry of presence. As we reach out to support and comfort others, we recognize our own need to be supported and encouraged.
Our Ministry
To LIVE + JESUS in community…

  1. To companion and affirm those who are impoverished and lonely—those living on the fringes of society.
  2. To support those committed to a ministry of peace and justice by sharing our Salesian spirituality with them.
  3. To educate and network with those who, in being materially secure, seek ways of growing in faith, hope and love by bridging with people in our multi-cultural community.
  4. To provide spiritual formation for those affiliated with us in a variety of ways.
  5. To share our Salesian spirituality.