Mission and Goals

How many ways are there to be fed?

How many ways are there to be fed?

The Visitation Monastery of Minneapolis, by expressing the mystery of the Visitation in a new way, is committed to being one with economically challenged and marginalized persons on the North Side.

Our ministry of presence and prayer has enabled us to develop many longstanding relationships within the community, not only with those who come to our door, but also with agencies.

Key Goals

1. To companion and affirm those who are impoverished and lonely—those living on the fringes of society.

2. To support those committed to a ministry of peace and justice by sharing our Salesian spirituality with them.

3. To educate and network with those who, in being materially secure, seek ways of growing in faith, hope and love by bridging with people in our multicultural community.

4. To provide spiritual formation for those affiliated with us in a variety of ways.


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