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God, the Potter

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by Melissa Borgmann-KiemdeVisitation Companion

“Lord, you are our father; we are the clay and you our potter: we are all the work of your hand.”
-Isaiah 64: 8

I had this moment yesterday when our out-door-playing, sunshiny-warm, grubby 4 year old girl came to me in a fitful state of ouch and woe with tears streaming down her face. She had so much fine dust covering her body that when her tears emerged, they trickled down in brown streaks across her skin.

This image came to me in my morning prayer meditating on today’s scripture. Wet brown, muddy, emotional being; loving touch; a moment of re-creation born from an intense experience.

I was sitting on the front porch — silent, eyes closed, palms up, twenty minute timer on — going into the heart of Isaiah’s text in my own imaginative way. (It’s the Feast of Ignatius of Loyola, after all, and imaginative prayer is part of my celebration of this saint and founder of the Jesuits.)

I saw the Good Lord’s hands holding me like I was clay, shaping my nose, tending to each strand of curly hair on my head, marking the curve of my cheek. And in that instant, my own gesture of love to a small child returned. Just as I had wiped away my daughter’s earth-stained tears, I imagined God doing the same to me, moving His hand over my skin, and reminding me of whence I came and the love and care inherent in His creation of me.

We are each from the earth. We are each born of love. We are each renewed and tended to by God in and through the Holy Spirit in our daily lives Can you fathom this? 

In my quiet, I was entertained and overwhelmed by emotion with these thoughts of God’s gentleness and care. I imagined Love, the Divine Potter, molding the individuals closest to my heart. I followed the Spirit’s nudges to see God creating the stranger that walked in front of my St. Paul home the day before. Eyes closed, I could still see the figure of the funny fellow who strolled down Selby Avenue wearing nothing save shorts, sporting a ukulele, and perching himself on a dinosaur sculpture across the way and then strumming. I delighted in this imaginative prayer that afforded me a glimpse into God’s love for all of us. And when the Holy Spirit took me to God sculpting the heart of the soldier-turned-terrorist who fired the missile, striking down flight MH17 out of Amsterdam killing 298 people, I was in shaken.

If God is our father, we are clay, and He the sculptor of our very lives –creating all of humanity —  then what does that mean for our world? What are the implications for our lives? Our relationships? Our next steps?


On this Feast day of St. Ignatius, with this particular scripture reading at your fingertips, I invite you to engage your creativity and enter into the heart of this text using your imagination. Get out some clay. Say a prayer. Sculpt and see what the Holy Spirit reveals to you.

Snapshots from the Sisters: Title This! (Meeting Tuskegee Airman Dr. Harold Brown)

Tuskegee #2

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A Post from our FaceBook page:

“We took teens to Flying Cloud airport on Saturday- Steve, Detrice and I. It was all about the history of the Tuskegee airmen in WW ll. Amazing men who escorted fighter planes as they did their job. It is known that these men were told they could not learn how, they could not do the job of being pilots…., they could not…..And yet,  they did it so well they were requested to fly with the bombers over and over again.

We are pictured with Dr. Harold Brown, a Tuskegee member, who grew up on the north side and went to North High. What an honor to meet Harold. Our neighbor kids really the took the message of “can do” if you push through with confidence. My family friend, Tim Barzen, made it all happen for us. Thank you, Tim.

(The last picture is when we stopped and got cold, very cold, spring water to fill our bottles-for free).”– SK2

Tuskegee #3

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Tuskeegee 1

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Trust in the Slow Work of God

Where does this path lead?

Where does this path lead?
photo by Melissa Borgmann-Kiemde

by Melissa Borgmann-KiemdeVisitation Companion

In these long, sometimes cool, other times hot, shifting-climate days of summer, I have found myself reaching for this poem. I offer it to you, for however it might speak to your soul, provide comfort or levity in your journey and this present time.

Trust in the Slow Work of God

by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, SJ*


Above all, trust in the slow work of God

We are quite naturally impatient in everything

to reach the end without delay

We should like to skip the intermediate stages.

We are impatient of being on the way to something

unknown, something new. And yet it is the law of all progress

that it is made by passing through

some stages of instability-

and that it may take a very long time.  And so I think it is with you.

your ideas mature gradually – let them grow,

let them shape themselves, without undue haste. Don’t try to force them on,

as though you could be today what time

(that is to say, grace and circumstances

acting on your own good will)

will make of you tomorrow. Only God could say what this new spirit

gradually forming within you will be. Give Our Lord the benefit of believing

that his hand is leading you, and accept the anxiety of feeling yourself

in suspense and incomplete.

*(1881-1955) Jesuit, Paleontologist, Biologist, Philosopher, and Visionary

Neighborhood Night of Peace – Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mark your calendars!

Mark your calendars!

A message from S. Mary Frances Reis, VHM:

Hello all!
Neighborhood Night of Peace is coming up!  This is the North Minneapolis Visitation Monastery’s effort —
partnering with Basilica, the Mosque, Ascension and neighbors — to get Northside families together for
a peace-filled evening of fun, food and DOOR PRIZES.

It would be wonderful if you could participate by donating any items such as household goods, school supplies, pots & pans, sheets, bath towels, gift cards from Cub, Walgreens or Target.  OR, if you would like to make a monetary donation, we are happy to shop for you.

Help us spread the word….please join us at the event!

Door prizes can be dropped off at 1619 Girard Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN  55411…..preferably
before August 1st so we can organize.  Kristi Klukas and Mary Pat Gallivan are managing this part of the event
as well as prizes for the children’s games so we are grateful for any and all donations of $$ or goods.

Checks should be made payable to Visitation Monastery
and mailed to:

Sr. Mary Frances Reis
1619 Girard Av No.
Minneapolis MN 55411

Thanks for your support!!