Healing Prayers for Sister Mary Virginia

by Sister Karen Mohan, VHM

Sr. Mary Virginia shoulders a new cross, with the grace of God as her support

Sister Mary Virginia Schmidt has had a very eventful month, one that we hope will not ever be repeated. Since mid-January, when she fell on our icy Fremont driveway and broke her left hip, Sr. M. Virginia has spent two weeks at HCMC Hospital, well-known for its expert care of trauma patients. She then moved to Catholic Eldercare’s Transitional Care Unit for the physical therapy and healing that will enable her to return to our community, her monastery home.

She would be the first to say that physical therapy is not for the fainthearted! But her sense of humor and her graciousness continue to shine through the exhaustion of therapy for our beloved 89-year-old Sister.

Sr. Mary Virginia is fighting hard through physical therapy!

The cards and greetings of many encourage her, and visitors are welcome to stop by for a short time from mid-afternoon until early evening. You can write her at 817 NE Main St Minneapolis, MN 55413.

What a joy it was for Sr. M. Virginia to finally be able to attend Sunday Mass in the chapel adjacent to Catholic Eldercare! Father John Brandes, chaplain for the Eldercare Community and formerly an occasional presider for Mass at our monastery, was the celebrant for Eucharist that day!

Our community members are able to drop by throughout the day since Catholic Eldercare is just a five-minute drive from our monastery. Occasionally we go over together for Night Prayer with her. As soon as the harsh winter weather subsides, Sr. Mary Margaret hopes to go over to see her dear friend of 65 years, a visit that would make us all very happy.

Please pray for Sr. M. Virginia’s full recovery.



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