Clearing to Hear

Sr. Katherine Mullin, VHM

Sr. Katherine Mullin, VHM

by Melissa Borgmann-KiemdeVisitation Companion

I deleted 1, 400+ emails. I am down to having one message in my inbox at this moment. ”

Who does this? Who among us is able to claim this feat of clearing out our email inboxes? I tell you, I almost toppled when I read my dear Sr. Katherine Mullin’s facebook post declaring her Saturday morning accomplishment. But what really struck me, was the intention behind her action.

In the status update space on the Visitation Community’s facebook page, SK2 disclosed her motivation for the e-cleaning activity:

“I could hardly hear God’s voice I had so much static.”

The note inspires my own reflection this day: Where is the static in my life? What is getting in the way of me hearing God’s voice? What do I need to clear or clean out in order to feel more directly tuned in?

“We cannot always offer God great things, but at all times we can offer God little things with great love.” – St. Jane de Chantal

As we begin this month of July, I invite you to convene your own “Saturday morning session” ala Sr. Katherine, and give yourself the space to clean a closet, unload a dishwasher, clear off a desk, assemble a stack of papers, or delete extra tweets or texts from your smart phone.

Perhaps the static in your world takes on a less tangible form.  Who among us has an inbox in our brain where all the negative spam messages are stored that remind us we aren’t good enough? We need to do more, buy more, be more, in order to be loved. Time to purge that space. Who hears that voice in their head that broadcasts messages of fear or self- doubt? Let’s turn the channel, eh?

Get clear, with a goal to hear.

God is calling you in significant and sweet ways. Can you detect Love’s still, small voice?

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  1. On Thursday, my granddaughter, Clara, was helping me with projects around the house. She is very helpful and energetic. She had slept over the night before and because she is “hired” for 4 to 5 hours at a time, she/we took our time beginning the planned projects. We had the whole day ahead. My friend, Barb, called and invited both of us to lunch (another 🙂 birthday celebration) at nearby Birdtown Cafe.

    After this delightful distraction, we came back home; did some outside flower care; inside paper shredding and wound up the day of projects working together on what turned into a two-hour project for two of us: We sorted into categories 10 years of my medical records, bills, notes! I had slipped them into a basket hiding under my china cabinet, month by month. We ended up with about 5 categories. We put them in date order, with the latest in front. I had purchased some folders and a file box. We put all of the labeled folders into the file box and it is tucked away in my guest room closet.

    The next day, Friday, was the tenth of a 10-year effort: Being diagnosed with stage one breast cancer 10 years ago, followed by mammograms (surgery, radiation, 5 years of a prescription drug) and visits to the U of M oncologist. The good news is I am now considered “Beyond Cancer”!

    The ten year effort and the two hour effort are both worthwhile. One life-preserving; one life giving.

    Perhaps cancer opened my eyes, ears, heart; as the song goes, “Help me to see, hear, and love like You.” That effort will continue Beyond Cancer.

  2. I cringe at 1,400 emails in an in box, I could never let it get to that many, not even 25. BUT, I do have that mental inbox that doesn’t seem to clear out as easily as my email inbox or mysteriously fills up with previously deleted messages.

    Whether its email, cerebral mail, bills, files,… it is always something. They key, as Katherine found, was to realize that the static was lessening her ability to hear God clearly. Then you can figure out which static needs the most attention.

  3. You two inspire me with your beautiful words about what you are doing-and not doing, equally as important.Thank you , Betty Lou and Jody T.

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