Falling in Love…with God

Holding hands

"I am thankful for...."

by Melissa Borgmann-Kiemde, Visitation Companion

I love falling in love. I keep thinking and ruminating on this. The falling-in-love-phenomenon that is my life, that is all of our lives, if we are so lucky. That tingly, beside-ourselves school-girl experience that makes you giggle and blush and rejoice in your daily tasks. I know Love. I know God.

These musings bubble up in my prayer as images: the delight in a child’s face, soft skin of chubby cheeks breaking into a smile as I enter the room; the touch of a hand on mine when I gasp during an action scene in the latest 007 film; the connectedness of a faith community circled in prayer reciting the Our Father — all eyes closed, lips moving, palms upright; the sight of a nun driving a mini-van en route to her home town — returning to attend a conference, but shepherding me along the scenic river route to the city where her call originated. In and through all of these, I recognize a benevolent God at work; a Creator firing my own imagination — my heart, mind, spirit.

I’m in love. I know God.

Counting my blessings this day, I keep giving thanks. On facebook, I note the phenomenon that is gratitude list-making¬† as we count our November days. I am tempted to start a litany of my own: “Ways I know God’s love as we all make our way toward Thanksgiving and the Advent Season.”

Here’s today’s attempt at such a gratitude list:
I am thankful for….Rumi’s poetry. Notes from Claire. Invitations from a Vis Companion. Lunch with Marsha. A joke told by Francois. Crusty homemade bread with butter. Sharp Vermont Cheddar. The wrinkled hand of a sister holding my own in the hospital. A recorded birthday message incorporating a strumming ukulele.

I’m in love. I know God.


In the quiet of your day, in your cubicle; as you bow your head before a meal; or before you lay your body down to rest, I invite you to reflect on the ways that you know God’s love. How do you find yourself falling, in deep, abiding, joyful love for your life– for the small ways that you know Love’s invitation to immerse yourself in a moment and say, “Thank you”?

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  1. I know God is in my heart; and in yours. I know it in sadness and in joy. I know I am not alone. I know that there are glimpses of heaven here and that we are all on that journey here. I know God’s love in prayer, in laughter, in crisis, in seeing someone overcome. In dance, in singing, in musicians. In lovingly prepared food. In a child clinging to parents. In a friend sharing the load. In table settings, in inclusiveness.

  2. Melissa,
    I love this post!! It is beautiful!! Your writings bring me back to God when I’ve lost Him in schoolwork and college life. Thank YOU, Melissa, for your incredible words.

  3. Thank you, beautiful women! Thank you.
    (As Lenny Kravitz puts it so well: Let. Love. Rule.)

  4. Love this post. Love YOU!

  5. Melissa, thank you for sharing your so simple but profound thoughts. Always an inspiration. I am happy to have met you in St. Louis! It is nice to have a real person emerge from behind the written word. As St. Paul says to Titus today, even though you are not yet an “older” woman, you are teaching what is good! God bless you.

  6. Ah, Jean! Thank you for introducing yourself to me in St. Louis. We think; we pray; we wrestle; we wonder; and then from this activity, we sometimes act — we recognize the Holy Spirit moving through us, animating our limbs, inspiring our words. I thank you for your post here, and for reminding me how we are never alone in our creative gestures communicating Love. Merci!

    –Melissa Borgmann-Kiemde, Vis Companion

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