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How will you make the world more beautiful?

A stunning question really, isn’t it? As today’s rains and last night’s thunderstorms soak into our spring soil promising the bounty of summer around the corner? How am I called to make the world more beautiful? You must see the origins of this question from one of my favorite bloggers Karen Maezen Miller.

Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty

Beauty is a value as an artist I treasure, both inside, and out, aesthetic and the intangible aspects of beauty. I have struggled with beauty since my alopecia has gone full throttle. Having hair or not having hair can be a profound impact on how I perceive myself and on how others encounter me. Shedding more traditional views of beauty has enlivened my spirit, emboldened me to be brave in situations where I might be tempted to shy away from a person’s gaze or unspoken question.

As my hair follicles begin to awaken, I hold hope. I have an awakened heart that has the capacity for beauty, I have open eyes that search for beauty, and I have hands willing to create beauty where one might not think there is any.

How are you making the world more beautiful today? Please share with us here.

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  1. I love this question on such a rainy day. I think my boys’ laughter is making the world more beautiful. Can I take some credit for it?

    Elizabeth, I think our boys play/giggle through soccer together. I will look for you on the sidelines and introduce myself.

  2. Yes you can take credit for it!!! And revel in it…yes please do introduce yourself, isn’t it joy to watch them run after the ball cracking up!
    Thanks Laura.

  3. I am more and more aware of the importance of pointing out beauty to the children in our neighborhood-adults too. Like a bird song they night miss, a butterfly that flies by in our garden, one lovely flower. (I like it when people point out something to me). I invite them to listen, smell or see all kinds of things beautiful. Someone said, “Beauty is the biggest deterrent to violence.” We can give peace in so many ways, can’t we

  4. I am thinking of all the ways our beloved Deacon Dale saw beauty in this world. In the face of a child, the hands of an elder, rain, dewdrops, sunbeams, flowers, trees, water….

    By recognizing the beauty around us we are called to make the world a better more beautiful place, even just for a day. The holy spirit fills us with how each of us is uniquely called to make the world a better, more beautiful place, we just need to be still and listen.

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