Memory-Where the spirit blows in…

Written by Elizabeth Eilers Sullivan, Visitation Alumni

What sticks to memory? When all else fails it is memories we have to hold onto. Some are passed on to us through others stories. Some are shared by living them. Today we honor memory as we stand in solidarity with Princess as July 4th nears, the anniversary of her son’s death. Anthony also known endearingly as “Phat Phat,” lives on in her story, in her desire to raise awareness, in his spiritual presence still vibrant today while Princess and others fiercely miss him.

Picture taken of Phat Phat's shared birthday cake on July 4, 2010

Picture taken of Phat Phat's shared birthday cake on July 4, 2010

The sister’s monastery is a place where memories and prayers are sacredly shared, where people from all over come together to listen, to pray, to share memories. It is how Princess’ memory of her son became part of my memory. I invite you to pray for Anthony, for Princess, for the mothers and sons, and brothers from Death to Life, and for one another. I invite you to visit the monastery where sacred memories are honored, shared, and prayed, where the spirit blows in and brings us together.

“At Eve. Prayer P. arrived off the streets. He seems to come on a special day. He couldn’t have known in his head that it was Pentecost, but deep within he must have. (He doesn’t sing much when he comes, but today during the chant, he quietly whistled). Are there things you are aware of in your heart, not in your head? I think for me, yes. But I want to notice this more. Thanks, P. once again the Spirit blew in.” -Sister Katherine

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