By Elizabeth Eilers Sullivan, Visitation Alumna ’93

“Put your heart back in the Lord’s hands and you will be healthier than before.” -St. Francis de Sales

monastic_communityThe Sisters of the Visitation invite us daily by their presence and relationship in north Minneapolis to offer our hearts over to the Lord so that we may better serve God, others, and ourselves. When we aim to live a life bigger than our own wishes, desires, and intents we move into a community of love, light, and service for others. When we do this our gifts that the Lord has granted us shine brighter, are used better, and the outcome is larger than we could have imagined had we kept them to ourselves for our own betterment. This allows us to be happier, freerer, healthier people. People with a heart that expands at the joy of others, a hand that receives what and who is before us, and eyes that can see God’s invitation in our everyday.

The Sisters, their lay companions, and those women who are actively discerning becoming part of the Visitation Order as a sister themselves, do this when they answer their doorbells in their urban monastery. With every ring they respond both to the needs and requests of their neighbors, and remain open to the gifts and talents that come to them daily through these encounters. The Visitation Order with its steeped tradition of praying the hours daily allows for these visits by their neighbors to become part of their fervent prayer, their reflection, and ultimately these interactions with their neighbors inform the Sisters own person–“to become who she is called to be and be that perfectly well.”

How are you being called to live your life to its fullest?

To put your heart back in the hands of the Lord?

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Elizabeth Eilers Sullivan is a 1993 graduate of the Mendota Heights Visitation; she currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her husband and three sons. She is a freelance writer who is passionate about motherhood and sharing Salesian Spirituality . We are happy to feature her here as a guest blogger from time to time.


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