Windsock Reunion: 21st Anniversary Celebrations!

Windsock Reunion: 21st Anniversary Celebrations!

by Melissa Borgmann-Kiemde, Visitation Companion, and Sr. Mary Frances Reis, VHM

On January 15, 2011, the Visitation Sisters hosted a reunion of the Windsock children and their families in honor of the Sisters’ 21st anniversary in their Northside neighborhood and the 400th year founding of the Visitation Order.

The Sisters began hosting Windsock twenty one years ago in response to the number of children coming to their door.  Sr. Mary Frances describes this 3:30-4:30 hour in the afternoon as “a special time for neighborhood children ages 5-12 to come for play, treats and prayer.” The nuns would hang a windsock on their front porch to let the young people in the Old Highland area know they were ready for them to visit. Thus, the program/play/prayer hour became known as “Windsock.”

A lasting bond...

"Blessed by these young lives..."

Sister elaborates, “Through this focused time with children we formed many relationships with [the young people] – and their families as well. Some of these [relationships] have lasted 20 years!”

Reflecting on the day, Sr. Mary Frances wrote, “it was gratifying to experience the spontaneous joy of those gathered – even those we had not seen for several years. They shared pictures and games and played doll house with their children, just as they used to do themselves when they came over. We have been blessed over and over by these young lives, and we trust that they have gotten some lessons for life from their time with us!”

A Windsock Family

A Windsock Family

Due to changing demographics in the Northside community and an increase in after school programs there has been an evolution in the Sisters’ venue for relating with children and their families. Sr. Mary Frances shares emphatically: We continue to have field trips, camp, Holiday Outreach, Familiy dinners, so the relationships continue!

Blessed be!


Enjoy the photos below snapped by Sr. Mary Frances Reis.

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