Written by Elizabeth Eilers Sullivan, Visitation Alumna ’93

Windsock Time, Reading Time

Windsock Time, Reading Time

The Visitation Sisters are looking forward to reconnecting tomorrow afternoon to those children, now adults, who over the past 21 years played at the Sisters’ home in the late afternoon of most days.

“Children should be allowed to be children. No child should ever bear the burden of adult concerns until they are ready.” -For the past thirty-five years, Jonathon Kozol has been an advocate for children.

For the past 21 years the Sisters have been advocates for the children in their neighborhood, providing a space of safety, play, and joy. A sacred place where children can just be children for awhile. When the windsock is out the children knew it was time to come to the Sisters home for activities. The Sisters spread and share their gentle strength with new generations by example and relationship and for this St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane de Chantal must be beaming, their vision born 400 years ago alive and strong today! Join us in celebrating these children, now adults, and these Sisters still going strong like their windsock that continues to blow in the wind, and remains strongly anchored in Salesian spirituality.

“This is the place of our delight and rest.” -St. Jane de Chantal

Are there children you hold in prayer today? Any children you wish to ask the nuns to hold in intention that you celebrate in your own life? Please add to them to the comments section.

Visitation Windsock
Visitation Windsock by Brother Mickey McGrath
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Elizabeth Eilers Sullivan is a 1993 graduate of the Mendota Heights Visitation; she currently resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her husband and three sons. She is a freelance writer who is passionate about motherhood and sharing Salesian Spirituality . We are happy to feature her here as a guest blogger from time to time.

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Paula · January 15, 2011 at 7:49 am

for my fiances kids and grandkids that yhey are safe both in wisconsin and tennesee

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