Teen Party Time: Snapshots from the Sisters

Posted by Melissa Borgmann-Kiemde, Vis Companion

Jenga anyone? Sr. Karen and teenage friend at play

Jenga anyone? Sr. Karen and friend

The Windsock Visitation is virtually a trademark image that communicates a sweet, but perhaps not very well known fact about the Visitation Monastery in North Minneapolis. For years, the way that the sisters would communicate to the many children of the neighborhood that they were available for hosting them for play, snacks and educational games, would be to hang a windsock on their front porch.

Today, given the shifting demographic and waning number of young children knocking on the monastery door in their  immediate Old Highland neighborhood, this ritual has gone by the way side. In its place,  has become a new ritual involving an older group of young people where by the sisters have “Teen Time.” Our beloved sisters host dinner and discussions, bowling and art outings with a group of engaged teenagers from North Minneapolis.

The following images, courtesy of Sr. Mary Frances, document a recent holiday party with this dynamic group of teens. How blessed are we?


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