What is the V.I.P.?

The Visitation Volunteer Internship Program is a year long commitment to live in the north Minneapolis neighborhood with other Visitation Interns cultivating a simple lifestyle, where Interns would pray and work together with the Visitation Sisters of Minneapolis and deepen their spiritual lives while working  for those often marginalized by society.


Who can join?

Women and men between the ages of 20-35 who have finished college or who have taken a year off from their studies or work to spend a year of direct service to those in need are welcome to apply. VIPs will have the opportunity to develop some life skills through simple living in a Christian community and through a relationship with the Visitation Sisters of north Minneapolis.

What would my living situation be like?

VIPs will live with 3-5 other interns geographically near the Visitation Monastery. They would form community with the other Visitation Interns and together with the other VIPs would do ministry in the neighborhood while also spending time developing and deepening their relationship with Christ.

It would be helpful for the VIP to have a bicycle and not necessary to have a car since public transportation is easily accessible.

What kind of ministry would I do?

Some of the possible ministries for the VIPs include:  tutoring, working with youth or teens after school and on Saturdays, volunteering at the Catholic Charities Child Development Center, the Cookie Cart, or the Peace Foundation;  working with teen Moms or with other women in transition;  volunteering at the local drop- in center for persons with mental challenges; working in the Spanish speaking Catholic community at Church of the Ascension, doing “door” ministry at Visitation Monastery, helping the Visitation Sisters in their outreach to the needy.

What financial assistance would there be?

VIPs receive their housing, their medical insurance, a modest stipend of $100.00 per month, and a monthly bus card. The VIP community will receive some financial assistance to help with groceries.

What financial responsibilities would I have?


VIP s would need to take care of some food costs, personal products, recreation  and  transportation .


Questions?  Please contact Sr. Karen Mohan: kpmvhm@aol.com or (612)-529-8215 (land line) or (612)-636-3627 (cell).