Holy Week Begins: Text Message Prayers and Intentions

Contemplating technology and prayer: How do we use our smart phones to pray?

Contemplating technology and prayer: How do we use our smart phones to pray?

by Melissa Borgmann-KiemdeVisitation Companion

I send and receive a lot of text messages. I am starting to think this is a pretty powerful manifestation of my own vocational calling and prayer ministry. 

“How can your electronic appendage be a gift of spiritual life and holy communication?”

I hold a person in my thoughts, take their circumstances with me in the car — to the grocery store, as I sort laundry, chop vegetables, drop off my daughter for pre-school or pick her up — and I imagine others – their own hearts and minds in activity.

As I sit to light a candle on my front porch, read scripture and enter into silence, these intentions follow. So when I pick up my smart iPhone these days, all that has been percolating in my moving-Melissa prayers, comes forward in these text messages.

My fingers type out thoughts that reflect my brain and heart at work. It is my prayer that these instant-different-from-email-phone-message-notes reflect a synchronicity of Faith, Hope and Love converging with the present moment – and the exchange with a fellow faith friend.

Yesterday, I was in such a space — actually going to nap — when a sister text me and asked, “How are you preparing for Holy Week?”

Almost instantly, I responded:


My plans and prep heading into Easter…?
I’m finding my feet next to Jesus’…

His walk these next days…
Feet astride a donkey and a palm- hailed entrance to Jerusalem…
His hands washing his disciples’ feet…
Stepping into the garden of Gethsemene…
Laboring up the hill to Galgatha, carrying a cross on his back side…
Spikes nailed thru the muscles and tendons of his exposed bare feet to that cross…
Wrapped in a burial cloth and resting in a tomb…

And then stepping as a risen body to speak to Mary…

I’m following his feet…

The invitation to meditate, responding via my cell phone‘s technology, naming my own conscious entrance into Holy Week, was a gift.

I am grateful for this kind of plugged in-ness. In an age when we are moving so fast, and perhaps desire more-often-than-not a way to be still and dis-connected from technology and social media, I find this kind of immersion, deeply life-giving. I find the pause of composing present-moment-ponderings, coupled with the intimacy of such text-message-media exchanges, to be a gift of my prayer and faith life.

As you enter into this most sacred and holy of liturgical weeks, I invite you to consider not only what you are meditating on, but how. What do you bring of yourself to Christ this week? How will you accompany Him to Calvary? How might your electronic appendage be a gift of spiritual life and holy communication?

Send me a note, and I promise to send a prayer your way.

Peace and blessings.

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  1. Melissa, your beautiful message meets me as I begin this “holy” day called Sabbath in this week with the same name ! THANK YOU for your reflection which feeds into my quiet time with the HOLY ONE this morn! Do you recall the W. Berry, “We travelers” poem? Your “feet” text reminds me of it. love and peace all week long….

  2. How will I accompany him to calvary? I find my mind travelling with Jesus this week. What thoughts went through his mind on this journey to the cross? His death and burial? I love how the words of your post come alive and call me to act and be present especially this week. Peace, blessings and prayer for all you hold in your heart and mind.

  3. I’m glad this spoke to you, Jody. Blessings on your Holy Week walking!

  4. Thanks, Sr. Karen!
    Yes, Wendell Berry’s poem:
    “We travelers, walking to the sun, can’t see

    Ahead, but looking back the very light

    That blinded us shows us the way we came,

    Along which blessings now appear, risen

    As if from sightlessness to sight, and we,

    By blessing brightly lit, keep going toward

    The blessed light that yet to us is dark.”

    –Wendell Berry

    AMEN. Holy Week blessings to you and the Sisters!

  5. Thank you for sharing. I am humbled by your journey. I pray I may practice such beauty everyday!!

  6. Melanie:
    Blessings on your Holy Week journey — This day and every holy day we take our best steps.

  7. Please pray with me that God will lead me to a vocation and give me the grace and opportunities to live this out.

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