Summer Vegetable Treats


by Sr. Mary Virginia Schmidt, VHM

It was one of those HOT summer days. Sister Mary Frances prepared the grill on the back deck. She filled some foil “baskets” with onions, strips of carrot, bright red and orange peppers, cherry tomatoes, fresh green beans, and asparagus spears… She added garlic, basil from our garden, Virgin Olive Oil, salt and pepper;  cooked the vegetables on the grill for about half an hour.  What a meal they made: colorful, tasty, nutritious, elegant!

The rest of us prepare the same ingredients in different ways, all equally delicious.
Fall will bring us squash and cabbage! Yum.

I am coming to the conclusion that the children who stop by should get a vegetable for a treat instead of a cookie.  What do you think?

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  1. Wow, do those veggies look good! Aren’t we fortunate to have such abundance? I, too, look forward to the squash season!

    In regard to your question about treats: perhaps it could work to have a fruit or veggie treat once or twice a week. It could be a good introduction to some new/unusual foods. Of course it isn’t as “easy” ( in terms of availablility, prep, etc. Might be interesting education for some!

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