“Many Callings: One Life” — A list by Amanda Steepleton

Amanda Steepleton, Discerner

Amanda Steepleton, Discerner

Monday, October 29, 2012, marked our third session, entitled “Many Callings/ One Life,” of our “Following the Spirit” Discernment Series at St. Jane House. Discerning participant Amanda Steepleton was our featured story-teller, reflecting on her life and journey to date. She began her narrative with the following abbreviated list of vocations/ roles/ identities that she has known in her 28 year journey. We post it here as fodder for your own reflections. How are you called? What titles, roles, responsibilities would you record as part of your own vocations list?




Craigslist housemate

Spanish learner

Border/immigration educator








Meaning maker

Depth seeker

Truth speaker



Dog lover



Employee/team member

Aspiring veterinarian

Child of God





Campus Minister


Waiter (one who waits)

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  1. I like this —it whets my appetite to go back to thinking about your talk, Amanda. It was so much more than a list. It flowed like an experienced writer, a professional speaker and a very genuine person who spoke from her heart. Your ending, the wrap up,
    brought it full circle for me. SK2

  2. I agree Sr. Katherine! I’m including a summary of Amanda’s vocation story that went out to all participants, but that others may also appreciate here.

    Amanda began with an abbreviated list of vocations/ roles/ Identities. She reflected on her many callings/ one life, using the image of many pictures spread out on a table, coming into focus, one by one. She identified two “touchstone moments:”

    1. when she knew she was absolutely in the right place, (story of Anunciation House and being in relationship with undocumented people at the border) ; and

    2. another experience that informed her departure from a career/ educational path in veterinarian science. (Looking through a microscope and not being able “to see” anything, as an intern at a veterinarian clinic.)

    Amanda talked about the gifts of specific time-frames or parameters around our “vocations” (ie, as student/ year long volunteer/) and the messiness of “dessert” times (not knowing when the next “big calling” or notion of an affirmed identity/ role might manifest– like now).

    She concluded with a reflection on how we search for a life centered in faith, or knowledge of God’s love; and while this may seemingly elude her, she rests in her own sense of authenticity:

    “No matter what you “do,” you will find a way to be your vocation because it is you. If you are being authentic, there is no other way you can be. Authenticity is at my core.”

    What wisdom, insight! What rich remarks! Thanks, again, Amanda Steepleton!

  3. Aw, shucks. Thanks so much for the invitation and the listening! It was a valuable opportunity for me to do some processing I likely would not have otherwise done. Until next time!

  4. What a wonderful list of callings – a vocational “collage” or mosaic. Very evocative…illustrates the many different ways of being and doing in which God invites us to create life for and with others.

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