“Praise of Wisdom” — Celebrating the Feminine Form in Scripture

Corein Brown

Corein Brown

This Easter season, Seeing the Word at Saint John’s School of Theology·Seminary is reflecting on the faces of women illuminated in The Saint John’s Bible. These often overlooked Biblical women exhibit remarkable faith, courage, and love.

As I welcome my stretch marks, I cannot help but see them in this illumination and wonder what Wisdom, this female servant of God, might have to say to all of us women, and our ever shifting and expanding bodies.”

Corein Brown

This week our friend Corein Brown, graduate of Saint John’s School of Theology·Seminary and Research and Communications Associate for the Collegeville Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research, shares a reflection on recognizing the dignity and wisdom of women, worthy of entering deeply into a relationship with God, knowing that it will stretch them as it brings new life. (Sirach 24)

We hope you enjoy this audio and visual reflection as much as we did!

Seeing the Faces of Women – Seeing the Word & The Saint John’s Bible – Praise of Wisdom from Web Coordinator on Vimeo.

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  1. Love sparked life; six times.

    Life commenced; perfect.

    Six new persons left me once; twice, 3 times; and four.

    They now hover and leave; hover and leave; mine and not mine.

    Love sparked these lives.

    And I dwell in more love.

    I am grateful.

    The female body; within dwells new life (lives). God is working; within me.

    I am more grateful.

    Betty Lou

  2. Poetic response, Betty Lou!
    Merci, my friend!
    Love you,

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