CBS Evening News: Mary and O’shea Share their Story

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Who caught this story of our friends Mary Johnson and O’shea Israel on the CBS Evening News? We celebrate the coverage of this powerful tale centered on mercy, love, forgiveness and healing. The relationship between Mary and O’shea exemplifies the heart of our charism: Living+Jesus!

For those who weren’t able to watch this live, here’s a link to CBS journalist Steve Harman’s piece entitled:

We applaud and support the unfolding of this relationship and the people that nurture such transformational ways of relating and being in the world. Thank you, especially to Brian Mogren, Visitation Companion, and Director of St. Jane House, who owns the four-plex, “Alafia Place”  where Mary and O’shea reside as neighbors.


For more information on Mary and O’shea’s place of residence, click here: Alafia Place: Dwelling in Possibility.

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  1. I saw the news piece. Their story is one I never tire of hearing more about. When I think of Mary’s journey to forgiveness and Oshea’s acceptance of that forgiveness it reminds me that the people I need to forgive is really small potatoes compared to the story of Mary and Oshea.

    Sometimes it is easy to hold on to resentment and grudges instead of extending forgiveness; if Mary can forgive Oshea then the hope from that story reminds me to get busy and forgive those I need to forgive.

  2. Right, Jody! And then live next door to the person who wronged you! It’s just amazing, truly.

    Thanks for your comment! And thanks for your work in helping get the word out about the power of this real life human drama; theirs is one that connects us all in our suffering and binds us in the power of redemption, grace, Love.

  3. How beautiful that God has touched these 2 people. Oshea is right about egos. If more people would leave their egos behind, there’d be less killing.

  4. I caught this story on Democracy Now for Valentine’s Day (about storycorps) and looked for more information. I’m with Jody– if Mary can forgive, then we all can (fortunately I have never experienced anything of the magnitude of having a loved one murdered). Oshea now lives for two– he honors the life of the young man he took by accepting forgiveness and giving back. And everyone in society benefits much more than keeping an angry criminal behind bars.
    I’m not religious, but it looks like something good is happening in your ministry!

  5. […] both nervous, and found ourselves full of caution. For each of us, the biggest question was: Is forgiveness possible between the mother of a murdered youth and the teenager who took his […]

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